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We are an exclusive dealer of Rejuvi Skincare and Haircare Products!

Our highly trained beauty therapists are focused on providing you with the right combination of products and treatments for your specific needs. If you are seeking a professional skin therapy range combining a powerful synergy of advanced herbology principles, the latest dermatological research, ancient beauty secrets and modern cosmetic chemistry, you have the answer from Rejuvi through Skin Deep Solutions.


Sodium Bicarbonate vs. Aluminum Oxide Microdermabrasion
Microdermabrasion is a popular technique in the skin care market.
Although it has certain skin benefits, it requires appropriate skin
preparation and after care to achieve the desired result, particularly in minimizing undesirable side effects. Rejuvi has developed the optimum skin preparation and home care program for microdermabrasion. The
skin cells are well cleansed and softened before microdermabrasion,
and well hydrated afterwards. The home care program handles
anti- pigmentation, skin recovery and skin sensitivity very well.
We are an exclusive dealer of Rejuvi Skincare and Haircare Products!

Wade Chen C.E.O. PhD.

Rejuvi Laboratory was founded in 1988 by Dr. Wade Cheng , a distinguished and renowned biochemist in the San Francisco Bay area. Dr. Cheng has an extensive multi-disciplinary background in biochemistry, pharmacology, chemical engineering and herbalogy. Working closely with Dr. Arthur Furst, a famous toxicologist and professor at Stanford University, the team created the Rejuvi professional treatment line, Rejuvi home care product line, Rejuvi Plus Botanical line and Rejuville Anti-aging hair care line.

Rejuvi Laboratory Inc. is an integrated cosmetic laboratory with ongoing research, development and production capability.

Combining advanced biochemistry, the latest dermatological research, natural herbalogy and modern cosmetic chemistry, Rejuvi Laboratory Inc. provides a unique synergistic approach in the world of cosmetics and produces the most advanced skin body and hair rejuvenation products available today.

Rejuvi’s philosophy is synergism, Rejuvi’s focus is rejuvenation and Rejuvi’s criterion is performance.

Dr. Wade Cheng, C.E.O., Ph.D.
Rejuvi body. face. beauty.

At Rejuvi body. face. beauty. we are dedicated to delivering outstanding results through the use of high quality products and professional beauty treatments.

Rejuvi® Brought to you by Skin Deep Solutions
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