Rejuvi has developed revolutionary products for the treatment of acne. Rejuvi Acne Treatment utilizes alpha-hydroxyl acids, urea peroxide and salicylic acid to effectively cleanse blemished skin and remove the micrcocomedones. An overabundance of male hormones can produce an excess of sebum which can clog pores causing acne and pimples. Rejuvi Acne Treatment effectively inhibits excessive skin hormones with the special combination of organic acids, zinc and vitamins. This anti-androgen approach is Rejuvi unique feature. This multiple action approach makes Rejuvi Acne Treatment far superior to other available acne treatments.

Tough Acne Treatments

Rejuvi Tough Acne Treatment is very innovative & effective for treating acne conditions that have not responded to other treatments. This treatment has produced many remarkable results. Always try the regular Rejuvi Acne Treatment first before using this treatment.

Skin Analysis And Facial Treatment For Hormonal Acne by Nerida Joy